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Mr. Chris Perry, Vice President

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From a nationally recognized company, this ICON project manager is very happy with the performance and dedication team members at Raytek have demonstrated. Raytek has is very organized and you know who the key players are when completing a project so that you can deal with directly with the individuals who keep you informed of the progress and results of any project.

All team members at Raytek are communicative. Open and to ideas and suggestions in the interest of getting the job done.

I want to thank all Raytek team members in assisting me in completing a project in difficult market area.

Please contact Chris or Ramon with questions as they will be happy to assist you in anyway.


~ Adrian Moreno

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RAYTEK stepped-up to the plate on a very difficult project in downtown Tempe. Chris and his staff listened to the scope of the project, developed solutions, orchestrated the logistics with city officials,and delivered on his installation promise.

Throughout the process, Raytek professionally communicated the steps in their process and defined deadlines,and then went the extra mile to see this install to its completion.

I highly recommend Raytek for your installation needs in Tempe and the surrounding areas.

National vendors and franchisees should feel very comfortable knowing that Raytek will get the job done and deliver on their promises.

~ Jim Carroll

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I presented Raytek with nearly impossible deadlines and expectations for an installation in downtown Tempe. Raytek exceeded my expectations, with minimal follow-up and complete professionalism. They knew all key players in town to get quick results. I stand impressed! My only regret is that their coverage is not nationwide!!!!! I highly recommend this company.

~ Rachel Walton

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I cannot say enough about RAYTEK Lighting, Signs, & Electrical. It's not very often you find someone you can rely on. These guys communicate very well, have good rates, and have great work ethic. We have used them for several sign installation jobs in the area and look forward to our continued working relationship.

~ Hamilton Merritt

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Excellent company that will go the extra mile to make you and your custoemrs happy. Professional, motivated and extremely prompt to reply to your needs.

~ Wendy Wolowicz

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These guys are GREAT! They are very dependable and have great communication skills. In addition, they do quality work. I get nothing but compliments from our customer about these guys. I would recommend them to anyone!

~ Shanda Jones

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Amazing response times and customer service! Not only did they provide same day response to my service requests, they also provided same day close-out documents. Great company to work with on any project!

~ Christine Wolniak

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I can only say that these guys are awesome! Very reliable, fast response, and they do more than just signs. Their customer service is the best!

~ Cindy Allen

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Great company to work with, with reasonable rate; and great work habits. I highly recommend them.

~ John Gorman

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Chris Perry provides superb customer service. All jobs complete on time (often jobs complete before due date) with highest quality of workmanship and documentation. Extremely satisfied with timeliness and professionalism.

~ Janine Keobouala

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Great company to work with. They get to the job sites almost immediately and complete within a timely manner.

~ Cassandra O'Brien

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Raytek is fairly new in the area but the owner comes from many years in the business. I use them for ALLof my work in the surrounding Pheonix area, not only are the prices GREAT! They get the job done almost immediately. I hire sign technicians accross the country and deal with many companies, Raytek is one of my favorite.

~ Hillary Spiel

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Our working relationship with RAYTEK Lighting has far exceeded our expectations. Their staff is friendly as well as informative keeping us in the loop and answering any questions we have to insure the work is being completed to our expectations as well as in a timely manner. RAYTEK is a company that demonstrates professional integrity on every level and I would recommend them to anyone in need of the many services they offer.

~ Erika Parker

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Raytek's service, rates, and overall commitment to their customer is top notch!! I highly recommend this company.

~ Sarah Hart

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