The next generation solution for building and managing your sign vendor network, securely, accurately and efficiently.

Designed specifically for large retail buyers and national sign companies, this free, cloud-based solution saves you time, labor and headaches by enriching your existing vendor relationships with accurate data from thousands of other potential sign vendors, providing you with a verified network of qualified sign vendors at your fingertips.

Insanely Accurate Data

Take the work out of managing your vendor network.

Vendor-verified profiles ensure sign vendor data is accurate and up-to-date. The latest contact information, capabilities, insurance certificates, and more are always at your fingertips.

Each vendor verifies their data annually to ensure the information you see is always accurate and up-to-date. After all, you have more important things to worry about.

What about mapping?

Yea, honestly... we absolutely CRUSH that in PRO.

Want to see all of the sign vendors local to your job plotted on a map, and to have the option of applying search filters to remove / add vendors as appropriate per selected capabilities, with the ability to open individual vendor profiles without ever leaving the map? Yea, PRO does that.

How about mapping all of your company's jobs - filtered by job status if desired - alongside those local vendors, and for completed jobs, showing which vendor did the work and the "star rating" your company gave them? Yep... we do that too.

Mapping your company's entire network of approved vendor partners, allowing you to easily select a pre-approved vendor for your job, or to identify and reach out to prospective new vendor partners in regions where your network might be "thin"? You guessed it. Once again... yes.

Sure, a picture might be worth a thousand words, but honestly, PRO's maps are absolutely priceless.

It's a time saver that's a game changer.

Project managers everywhere are cheering.

Increase your productivity on every job by finding the right sign vendor with lightning speed. And connecting with those vendors is just as quick and easy. In fact, with PRO, you can connect with multiple vendors simultaneously with just few clicks.

By saving you time, PRO also saves you money, big time.

Trusted by more than 700 companies

Backed by fanatical customer support, SignsearchPRO is trusted by more than 700 companies as their source to find local sign vendors for manufacturing, installation, or service.

Get Rewarded

Earn rewards just for doing the things you do every day.

Sign vendors in PRO are eager to earn your business. We're eager too, and we've teamed up to show you our thanks with the easiest rewards program you'll ever come across.

You can be rewarded with Gift Cards* simply by working with your preferred sign vendor. And, with thousands of participating vendors, you don't have to do anything different to earn rewards.

*Restrictions apply, see

Integration Made Easy

Minimize the effort with seamless integration.

PRO doesn't have to replace your existing workflow solution. Integration comes easy with your favorite CMMS, ERP, CRM or custom built database.

Your projects or jobs can be brought seamlessly into your secure PRO instance through popular apps such as UpKeep, eMaint, Hippo CMMS, Fiix, EZOffice Inventory, Maintenance Connection and more. We also speak to custom integrations using MS SQL and MySQL.

Pick Your Plan

From features to budget, we meet the needs of large retail buyers and national sign companies. For smaller companies needing to work with vendors on just a few jobs a month, PRO Basic is free for up to 3 users. Have multiple jobs and need to frequently locate qualified vendors while having access to all that SignsearchPRO has to offer? PRO Connect is only $60 a month for your first 5 users ($10 a month for each additional user).

Basic Connect Description
Cost Free $60/mo
(1-5 users)
each additional Connect user is $10/month
Group Email send email, in confidence, to multiple vendors with one click
PRO Form Email use SignsearchPRO's powerful email forms to keep a copy of all communication from within PRO
Email Templates create custom email templates with custom fields
Mailto Email send email from your local email client (ex Outlook, Gmail)
Job Management
PRO Email History view all email sent and received through SignsearchPRO
Job Management multi-featured job management solution for team collaboration
Job User Management assign users to specific jobs
Job File Storage integrated file manager
Quickbooks Online Integration import QBO customers into PRO, display transactions in PRO and export PRO customers to QBO
Job Photos store job specific photos of completed jobs and surveys
Job Notes keep job specific notes
Job Data Import import customers, locations and jobs from spreadsheet templates
Job Data API Synchronization automatically synchronize customers, locations and jobs via API
Vendor Management
Public Vendor Ratings view and submit public reviews for vendors
Vendor Management manage all aspects of vendor information
My PRO Vendor Network build your own SignsearchPRO vendor network
Vendor Mapping map all your vendors in PRO for a rich graphical experience specific to your search location
Non-PRO Vendor Mapping add and map your own exclusive vendors to your SignsearchPRO network
Internal Vendor Ratings internally (and privately) rate vendors
Blocklist Vendors block access to specific vendors to prevent inappropriate vendor selection
Custom Fields add custom fields to vendor profiles and jobs
COI Management manage vendor specific COI information, including sending automated reminders to vendors or vendor agents
Job Searches1 16 unlimited per rolling 30 days
Vendor Profiles1 21 unlimited per rolling 30 days
Users 4 unlimited flexible user permission management with unlimited Admin privileges
File Storage 1GB 100GB* * can purchase additional storage
Phone/Email Support 8/5 live telephone and email support
Calendar custom team / resource calendars eliminate scheduling headaches
Dashboard view a snapshot of recent jobs activity and current week's events
Mobile Friendly Interface access jobs details, calendar of events and easily upload job files and photos from your phone
Referral Rewards earn Gift Cards2 for referring vendors to SignsearchPRO
Reporting powerful reporting interface
Popup Messaging disable popup messaging that's not related to your account
Communication Preferences opt out of surveys and marketing email
Vendor Rewards earn Gift Cards2 for working with SignsearchPRO vendors

1 User activity is subject to the Terms of Use.

2 Restrictions apply, see

Visit our FAQ section for more information on our Subscription offerings.

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