Frequently Asked Questions

For SignsearchPRO Users

A SignsearchPRO User is anyone looking to find a sign vendor to manufacture, install, service, estimate or survey a sign for a location in the US or Canada.

Send email through service
Send email direct to vendor using your personal email client
Login required
Send email to multiple recipients confidentially
Unlimited usage
Team collaboration
Create Network connections
Extended sign vendor data
Filter search results
Certificate of Insurance management
Project management tools
Track user activity
Multi-location searching
Document storage
Saved search history
Large file management handler
PRO is free to use. I know, crazy right?

There's a Premium PRO subscription available for only $19.95 per month (per user) that allows frequent users a more streamlined experience (removes messaging popups) and adds another 15GB of storage to your company account (total of 30GB). Or, purchase a Premium Vendor listing for advertising on Signsearch/SignsearchPRO for only $35 per month (or $360 if paid annually) and we'll include the Premium PRO subscription for all of your users!
The vendors highlighted in the pretty green color are our Premium Vendors and those that have the blue pins and blue side bar are our Premium Vendors. They're the ones we want you to work with to support the Network. The vendors with the gray pins and no sidebar are the freebies. They aren't supporting PRO, but trust us... we're working on them and could always use a little nudge from you if you want to tell them to belly up! And remember, the more freebies you get to sign up, the more YOU get out of PRO for FREE!
Wow, we're glad you asked! Simply perform a search for any vendor and choose to "Send Network Invite". In fact, choose a bunch of them and send them all an email with one click. Pretty neat (and fast). You can remove vendors from your network anytime, so don't worry if you're not sure if they're a good fit for you or not.
You're darn right you do. The reason is simple. Right now you're the one managing your database, and we both know it's outdated and, well, you've got better stuff to do than to manage someone else's data (because, after all most of it is someone else's). We'll enhance your data with data that is provided by the sign vendor (we don't add any data ourselves... it's right from the vendor). And, best of all, we'll ensure that it's up-to-date because we send the vendor reminders to keep it so. The vendors know that accurate data is directly related to getting jobs from PRO. It's a beautiful thing for everyone.
Yes. PRO is vendor management software built exclusively for the sign industry. It's not workflow project management that integrates with your manufacturing, payroll, accounting, or any of that other boring stuff. It's packed with exciting tools and features that ensure that when your sign leaves the plant it gets installed on time and on budget. It provides a full history of what went on in the field, and only the field (well, we also let you keep a bunch of internal notes and communication if you want).
No, but that's simply because it doesn't need to. The only "accounting" involved in PRO is the ability to record how much you paid for a vendor's services and keeping a copy of the invoices relating to the vendor's work. We leave all of the bean counting up to someone else.
You can export an Excel spreadsheet of most anything you dream of. A detailed list of your vendors, clients, locations and projects!
Oh my. Lots. Like LOTS. Take a look for yourself. Nobody comes close in displaying such accurate data in one search.
When logged into PRO, click on the Help icon (?), then select Feature Request from the dropdown. We love building stuff (boring software code to most people), so let us know what you're thinking!
YES and it's free. Totally Free Support.
Yes, we should be able to do that for you. Depending on the type of information you provide, it can be made only available to your users. Please contact us for more information.
Yes. Very secure. All of the data is stored on secure servers with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, the same encryption financial institutions use.
Your SignsearchPRO account may get suspended because our monitoring systems identified abnormal activity indicating that you may be accessing PRO to obtain sign vendor data for purposes other than that for which PRO is intended, including, but not limited to, creating external databases of information. SignsearchPRO is not intended as a vehicle for collecting sign vendor data for use outside of the services PRO offers, and by ensuring that the sign vendor receives communication through PRO we're able to justify the vendor's efforts in providing full and complete company profile information - and keeping it current - by directly connecting these efforts to specific business opportunities.

SignsearchPRO was developed to provide sign project managers with an effective means of coordinating client, location, and project information with sign vendor data. PRO also serves as a powerful tool to build and manage direct connections with qualified sign vendors throughout the US and Canada. Establishing this two way connection with vendors in PRO allows you to better manage your own network of sign vendors. Sign vendors benefit by being able to manage their information from a single login for all of their own connections, and making it easy for vendors to keep their profile accurate and up to date benefits both them and you by ensuring that their information is current.

As a security measure, your SignsearchPRO session will automatically timeout after 120 minutes of inactivity. This security feature is intended to prevent another individual from accessing your personal SignsearchPRO account while your computer is unattended. If you have timed-out of your session, you will be prompted to login again with your email and password.

Please note that it's always considered best practice to log out of SignsearchPRO (and any other login protected service) anytime you expect to be away from your the application for any significant period of time.

For SignsearchPRO Vendors

SignsearchPRO Vendors are sign companies in the US or Canada that are looking for manufacturing, installation, service, estimate, or survey work, in their service area from larger buyers at the national level or from companies in the sign industry.

No. Listing in SignsearchPRO is free. However, all this neat stuff costs money to support and improve. Therefore we offer a Premium Vendor option that includes listing on for as little as $360 per year (or $35 per month if paid monthly). Premium Vendor companies appear on the first page of search results in their area (when's the last time you went to page two on Google?). Also, PRO Users know to look for Premium Vendors in their search result (because they know that, without these advertisers, there wouldn't be PRO), and we reward them for choosing Premium Vendors. There are other benefits as well, such as appearing in searches outside of your zip or postal code and the ability to easily network with PRO users so that you can be part of their own PRO Network. Send an email or call us at (800) 566-4162 and let us show you how to maximize your exposure on PRO.
Login to your account at and update your preferences or contact us via email or at (800) 566-4162 and we'll do it for you.
If you're a Premium PRO Vendor, you can login to your account at and click on "Signsearch" in the main navigation, then select "SignsearchPRO Network" from the sub navigation. From there you can search by company name and state. If you're not a Premium Vendor, you can, uhm... mail them a letter or something like that.
PRO users use PRO because the data is up-to-date and accurate. If your profile isn't... you're missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business.
It's your information, so you get to decide who can see what. Maybe you want all PRO users to see it (or some of it), or maybe just PRO users that you've networked with. It's really up to you to decide.
You bet. Listing in PRO is included with a Premium Vendor listing on Signsearch.